Welcome to the FORTH for Arthritis web site. We are here to inform and support those suffering from Arthritis and its associated inflammatory disease's.

We have been a registered charity since 1988 and we are based at Harold Wood Hospital, Harold Wood, Essex, UK. We operate in areas local to the hospital and with other organisations in the Essex area.

In the past, we have assisted in all aspects of treatment, including cost, apparatus and appointment of staff - if possible and necessary - to ensure treatment is carried out. We also provide education such as information leaflets, books and lectures and now the creation of our Website through which we seek to take and develop initiatives in public awareness, care and treatment of rheumatic disorders.

This site has taken over 14 months to develop and we have a writing staff that includes a Consultant Rheumatologist, a General Practitioner, a Surgeon, a Scientist, an Occupational Therapist, a Physiotherapist and team of enthusiastic patients. So, here we can offer the views of the medical professional and patient alike.

We don't claim to be a one-stop shop, but we would like to think that all our visitors leave our site better informed.

This we hope to achieve through our explanation of the various rheumatic disorders is our 'What is Arthritis' section and how they can be treated in our 'Medical News / Research & Treatment' section. This also includes a database of commonly used medications, detailing there pro's and con's.

This site is also about support, not just for those who have Arthritis, but for their friends and families too, as they are all, to a lesser or greater extent, sufferers. In our 'Patient Diaries & Forums' section, you can read about the experiences others, who have this disease and we also invite you to take part in the discussions.


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